Hi! I'm Nathalie.

I'm an incoming M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction student at Georgia Tech.
I like to design, code, research, write, and create art.
Scroll down to take a look at my projects! Or learn more about me.




Factors Influencing Video Streaming Services among College Students

Research Question: What are the factors influencing the use of video streaming services among college students?

This is a 73-page report I completed for CM321: Communication Research Methods Fall 2020. 

• Conducted a literature review and came up with a list of proposed predictors

• Conducted a survey (through Qualtrics) on 84 college students

• Includes analysis of measures, analysis of variation of measures, correlations between predictors and dependent variables (through SPSS Statistics, and used Excel for Pie charts)

• Includes strategic recommendations for the client (Netflix)


Research Paper on Impacts of IoT-based Smart Lighting Products

Research Question: How do Internet of Things based smart lighting products impact the lives of adolescents (15-18 year-olds) and adults (35-55 year-olds)?

This is a 4000-word research paper I completed for the International Baccalaureate Programme. Specifically, I accomplished the following:

• Conducted a survey of 80+ people on the implications of smart lighting products in their lives
• Interviewed 2 senior executives of Philips Lighting for expert opinions
• Analyzed and visualized results and made a market positioning proposal on smart lighting products for both adolescents and adults