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Design & Interactive Experience Course Project Fall 2019
My Roles: Programmer / Artist / Designer

Avatar Maker is a Christmas-themed game and a responsive website that can be viewed on both mobile/web browsers made with HTML/CSS/Javascript. I worked with one partner on the project and we both programmed, created wireframes, and drew art assets. Feel to check out the wireframes and the UX Report

Github: Code



Global Game Jam Spring 2019 (Theme: What Home Means To You)

My Roles: Game designer / Solo Writer / Character Artist

        One day, an angel appears in front of an old man and asks him what his final wish is. The player will then answer by delivering his diary to the angel, and the angel will take the old man to different stages of his life that are written in his diary. The player will obtain a momento at each stage after solving a puzzle. Throughout the game, the old man recalls what’s truly important to him as well as what home means to him. In the end, the player has to put themselves into the old man's shoes and choose the momento that implies what “home” is to them, leading to different endings.

My responsibilities included:

  • Writing the entire script

  • Designing environments and puzzles, drawing character, and collecting assets

  • Leading and documenting brainstorming sessions during the Jam



FableVision Studios Intern Project Summer 2019

My Roles: Programmer / Production / UI/UX + Sound Design

      New Artitude is an online narrative that explores the definition of art and introduces three characters who each creates in ways that challenge conventions. This project aims to show viewers that anyone can make something amazing with whatever materials or abilities they have and that the definition of art is bigger than some people may believe. 

My responsibilities included:

  • Programming the entire game (Github: Code)

  • Coordinating deadlines, creating a game flowchart, casting voice actors

  • Turning the script into a design document with information on how the dialogue, art, and game flow work together

  • UI/UX design on game menu, dialogue box, player-choice menu

  • Environmental sound design