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👋 Welcome to my playground! Here, you'll discover my artwork, games, research papers, CAD, and web development projects.

🎨 Artwork

These are artwork I completed because of my own interests in drawing.

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 23.26.21.png

🎮 Games

These are game projects I completed for fun. New Artitude was completed as an intern project when I interned at FableVision Studios. Designer Mochi was created at a design jam. The last two games were created in global game jams with teams that were formed on the spot. I've taken on multiple roles in these projects including writer, artist, developer (Unity3D), and UI designer.

📄 Research Papers

These are research papers I completed for my coursework.

Research Paper: Factors Influencing Video Streaming Services among College Students (Netflix)

Research Question: What are the factors influencing the use of video streaming services among college students?

This is a 73-page report I completed for CM321: Communication Research Methods Fall 2020. 

• Conducted a literature review and came up with a list of proposed predictors

• Conducted a survey (through Qualtrics) on 84 college students

• Includes analysis of measures, analysis of variation of measures, correlations between predictors and dependent variables (through SPSS Statistics, and used Excel for Pie charts)

• Includes strategic recommendations for the client (Netflix)

Research Paper: Impacts of IoT-based Smart Lighting Products

Research Question: How do Internet of Things based smart lighting products impact the lives of adolescents (15-18 year-olds) and adults (35-55 year-olds)?

This is a 4000-word research paper I completed for the International Baccalaureate Programme. Specifically, I accomplished the following:

• Conducted a survey of 80+ people on the implications of smart lighting products in their lives

• Interviewed 2 senior executives of Philips Lighting for expert opinions

• Analyzed and visualized results and made a market positioning proposal on smart lighting products for both adolescents and adults

🔧 CAD & 3D Printing

I've learned how to use CAD software such as Solidworks and how to 3D print through my physical prototyping class.

Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 4.16.11 PM.png

💻 Web Development Projects

These are web development projects I worked on during my undergraduate years where I developed my HTML/CSS & Javascript skills. 


A Ghibli Museum I made for an AR/VR class using Mozilla Hubs.

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