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New Artitude
Unity3D Interactive Narrative Web Story
FableVision Studios Summer 2019 Intern Project


My Contribution​

Developer, Project Manager, UI + Sound Designer

  • Lead Programmer

  • Coordinated deadlines, listed features and art assets to be created, created game flowchart, transformed script into game implementation guide and casted voice actors

  • UI design on game menu, dialogue box, player-choice menu + environmental sound design

Project Size

Team of 6 for 8 weeks

  • Amanda Pedersen (Character Art, Story)

  • Mickie Kryger (Background Art, Story)

  • Kat Hardie (Sound Designer, Composer, Production, UI)

  • Orsi Nagy (Marketing, Story/Script, Sound Designer)

  • Gabriela Romero Gonzalez: (Marketing, Social Media, Story/Script)


Unity3D, WebGL, Procreate, Fungus, Audacity

Project Link




The purpose of the game is to explore the definition of art and introduce three characters who each create art in ways that challenge conventions. 

Highlighting the works of a chef, a hip hop dancer, and a painter who uses recycled materials, New Artitude elevates each character to the same artistic status, as they all present their work in a local showcase. This project aims to show viewers that anyone can make something amazing with whatever materials or abilities they have, and that the definition of art is bigger than some people may believe. 


The audience will be elementary and middle schoolers who are interested in art but might not feel confident enough to start creating their own art because of insecurities.


  • Brainstorm & Project Definition with Creative concepts / sketches

  • List all features that needs to be implemented in the game

  • List all art assets that needs to be drawn including specifications of which ones are clickable

  • Script

  • Game Implementation Guide

  • User Interface + logo design

  • Prototype with placeholder art and scratch voiceover

  • QA

  • Final 

  • Marketing


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