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Unity Top-down Multi-ending Narrative Puzzle Game Global Game Jam 2019


My Contribution​

Writer, Level Designer, Artist, Project Manager

Project Size

Team of 4 for 1 weekend (game jam) + 4 days afterwards​​

  • Designed environments and puzzles, drew character art, and collected art assets

  • Authored script featuring a time-travelling narrative game with multiple endings

  • Led brainstorming sessions and coordinated communication among team members

  • Elissa Ye (Main Programmer, Character Artist, Sound Designer)

  • Richard Joe (Programmer)

  • Xuejiao Liu (UI designer)


Unity3D, Illustrator, C#, Procreate


Global Game Jam Spring 2019

Theme: What Home Means To You

One day, an angel appears in front of an old man and asks him what his final wish is. The player will then answer by delivering his diary to the angel, and the angel will take the old man to different stages of his life that are written in his diary. The player will obtain a momento at each stage after solving a puzzle. Throughout the game, the old man recalls what's truly important to him as well as what home means to him. In the end, the player has to put themselves into the old man's shoes and choose the momento that represents "home" to them, leading to different endings.



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